linux using SSH and SCP over IPv6

1. SSH remote login server

# command pattern:
ssh [username]@[IPv6_Host] -p [port number]
# command example:
➜  ~ ssh root@2001:****:****:***:****:****:****:e411
➜  ~ ssh root@2001:****:****:***:****:****:****:e411 -p 22

2. SCP copy file

# command pattern:
scp [username]@[IPv6_Host]:[file_path] [target_path]
# command example:
scp root@\[2001:****:****:***:****:****:****:e411\]:/home/ylspirit/test.txt ~/home/ylspirit/


Since the colon in the IPv6 address conflicts with the colon before the specified path, you need to enclose the IPv6 address with brackets and escape characters.

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