What does /bin/sh -c do in Linux

To solve the problem of command permission, you can expand the scope of permission.

Next, we will introduce it to you with an example.

For example, there is a root file (admin.log) in the current directory, and we want to write content to it.

Usually, we directly execute the write action with the sudo command, such as:

➜ sudo echo "test content" > admin.log

At this point, you will find an error, “permission denied: admin.log

This is because we have insufficient permissions.

The redirection symbols “>” (and “> >”) are bash commands.

When we use sudo, we only make the echo command have root permission, but we do not make the “>” command also have root permission.

Therefore, bash will think that these two commands are not like admin.log file to write information.

At this point, we can use the SH -c command.

➜ sudo sh -c 'echo "test content" > admin.log'


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