IntelliJ IDEA utility plugin

IntelliJ IDEA is an excellent Java IDE, and its market share is gradually expanding.

With the help of excellent IDEA plugins, we can greatly improve efficiency in daily development.

This article will share with you some plug-ins that I think are necessary and used more often.


Lombok is an auxiliary tool that can streamline Java code and improve developer productivity. It uses annotations to automatically generate code such as setter/getter/toString/constructor during compilation.

import lombok.Data;
import org.junit.Test;

class Student{
    private String name;
    private Integer age;

public class Demo {
    public void test() {
        Student student = new Student();


Maven Helper

Maven Helper, as the name suggests, is a package management plugin that can run debugging, analyze package dependencies, etc.

jclasslib Bytecode viewer

jclasslib Bytecode viewer is a tool that visualizes all aspects of compiled Java class files and the contained bytecode.


A set of RESTful service development auxiliary tools, supporting the Spring framework. You can jump directly to the corresponding method definition according to the URL, and provide a display window of the Services tree and so on.

JRebel for IntelliJ

JRebel enhances developer productivity – by reloading code changes instantly. It skips the rebuilding, restarting, and redeploying cycle that is common within Java development.

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