How to modify the host name in Ubuntu

Recently, I bought a virtual host and installed Ubuntu system, but the host name is not friendly.


For the perfect person, it’s annoying to see such an unrepresentative name.

How to change the host name ???

The answer is to use Linux hostname command.

About the hostname command

hostname – show or set the system’s host name

View current hostname

root@c892484c3cdb:~# hostname

Modify hostname

root@c892484c3cdb:~# hostname ylspirit

Modify hostname, no need to restart, new session takes effect, restart los.

How to modify the hostname permanently ???

About the /etc/hostname file

This file stores the name of the hostname of the current host. Each time the system starts, it will get the name of the system by reading this file.

root@c892484c3cdb:~$ vim /etc/hostname


# save and reboot system

About the /etc/hosts file

Network host name.

You can redirect the IP pointed to by the domain name by modifying the hosts file

Query the interface IP corresponding to the host name:

root@ubuntu-hostname:~# hostname -i

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