Open SSH service in Ubuntu

SSH is divided into client (openssh-client) and server (openssh-server).

If you just want to log in to SSH of other machines, you only need to install openssh-client;

Openssh-client is installed by default on Ubuntu system.

If not, you can install it through sudo apt install openssh-client.

if you need to open SSH service on your own machine, you need to install openssh-server.

Similarly, use apt to install openssh-server.

ylspirit@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt install openssh-server

Start the openssh-server service. The service name is sshd.

You can view the command startup through PS command.

ylspirit@ubuntu:~$ service sshd start
ylspirit@ubuntu:~$ ps -ef | grep sshd

Here, other computer can connect to the local machine through SSH.

First, look at the local IP address.

ylspirit@ubuntu:~$ ifconfig 

Then, on another computer, connect to through SSH command.

➜  ~ ssh [email protected]

OK, the installation and use of Ubuntu SSH service is finished.

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