AWK tutorial: split on character awk or cut

In the previous article, we introduced the use of linux awk for string cutting. Here we introduce a method.

use awk -F parameter

➜  awk echo "a:B:C:CS:DDDD" | awk -F":" '{print $2}'

use awk split function

➜  awk echo "a:B:C:CS:DDDD" | awk '{split($0, a, ":");print a[2]}'

For more awk usage, please refer to the following article:

Let’s look at another approach — linux cut command

linux cut — cut out selected portions of each line of a file.

use cud -d parameter

-d delim
Use delim as the field delimiter character instead of the tab character.

➜ echo "a:B:C:CS:DDDD" | cut -d ":" -f2

More about cut:

➜ man cut

More about Linux commands: Linux Commands Tutorial

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