How to rename the docker container name

In the previous article, we introduced how to rename the docker image name

This article will show you how to rename the docker container.

List docker images

➜  ~ docker images

Running docker image u-lnmp

➜  ~ docker run -i -t ccc6e87d482b /bin/bash
root@642d75c62761:/# exit

List docker containers

➜  ~ docker ps -a

The container name just started is randomly generated and has no meaning.

Rename the name of container: 642d75c62761 to u-lnmp-c

➜  ~ docker rename 642d75c62761 u-lnmp-c

Of course, we can also specify the container name when running a new container by executing the docker run command, so as to avoid subsequent modification of the container name.

➜  ~ docker run --name u-lnmp-cc -i -t ccc6e87d482b /bin/bash

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