About China Internet company 996

996 : 9 am, 9 pm, 6 days a week, no extra labor.

996, mainly because Chinese Internet companies are uncertain about the future, they need to constantly try new products, try and wrong product directions, and derive the future.

Is the company really so busy? No, only part of it, the other is usually a waste of resources, it is the original 5 days and 8 hours of work time, it seems to be very busy…

What will this lead to?

  • For the country’s future, it may lead to excessive pressure on young people, problems in the body, decline in fertility, and decline in innovation.
  • For the company, 996 was originally a means for capitalists to further squeeze employees and exploit their time, but in the long run, the company’s reputation will decline and productivity and innovation will decline.
  • For individuals, if you can’t improve yourself in 996, it is a waste of youth and a waste of life. If you can use 996 to improve yourself and learn new skills and new knowledge, then you will benefit from it.

What kind of “996” will be accepted by everyone?

I think so:

  • For a short time, the company needs some time, not mandatory, but voluntary (I believe most employees can understand this, if not, can only explain that the company chose the wrong person).
  • If possible, additional working hours provide labor compensation.
  • Extra time company can provide personal skills improvement services for employees, such as training.

Alibaba Jack Ma responded to the 996 topic on Weibo. “I don’t defend 996, I pay tribute to the strugglers.”

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