Efficient meeting

We often have meetings to communicate during the development of the project, so it is very important to have an efficient meeting.

Today, let’s discuss how to conduct an efficient meeting.

Before starting the meeting, we should first clarify several principles:

  • Identify meeting topics
    No matter what kind of meeting, there must be a certain theme, What problem to solve? 
And all the information surrounding this topic is prepared in advance.
  • Identify participants and moderators
Participants : All personnel related to the theme of the meeting, and including those who can determine the programme.

Moderators : Generally speaking, the moderator is usually responsible for the problem-solving person, and only he will try his best to make the meeting result.
  • Meeting agenda time
 1. The start and end time of the meeting;
2. The time for the participants to speak;
3. The time for the participants to reach consensus;
4. Time of confirmation of action plan.
  • Identify action plans to solve problems
    The meeting should come up with the solution to the problem, and according to the principle of time, give the action plan and time plan to solve the problem.

  • Have a tracking mechanism
    After the meeting, there should be a tracking mechanism to regularly check whether the plan determined by the meeting is normal, whether there is a problem, and whether the overall direction is correct.

According to the above principles, we can conduct a short and efficient meeting. Of course, the host skills, good listening, and full expression are all factors that make the meeting efficient.

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