Share some linux prank commands

linux sl command

linux sl command – Display animation, meet the water drop train from the right to the left of the screen …, the purpose is to correct the user who accidentally input ls to sl.


➜  ~ sudo apt install sl


➜  ~ sl


  • -a An accident seems to happen. You’ll feel pity for people who cry for help.
  • -l shows little one.
  • -F It flies.
  • -e Allow interrupt by Ctrl+C.


➜  ~ sl -a

You can prank others by setting alias. When he typed ls, he saw a train, hahaha ^_^……

linux cowsay/cowthink commands

Linux Cowsay / Cowthink commands – generates an ASCII picture of a cow saying something provided by the user.


➜  ~ sudo apt install cowsay


➜  ~ cowsay "hi everyone"


  • -b initiates Borg mode
  • -d causes the cow to appear dead
  • -g invokes greedy mode
  • -p causes a state of paranoia to come over the cow
  • -s makes the cow appear thoroughly stoned
  • -t yields a tired cow
  • -w somewhat the opposite of -t, and initiates wired mode
  • -y brings on the cow’s youthful appearance
  • -e select the appearance of the cow’s eyes
  • -T configure the tongue
  • -l list all cowfiles on the current COWPATH
  • -f specifies a particular cow picture file (“cowfile”) to use


➜  ~ cowsay -e "OO" -T "||" "hello, everybody"
➜  ~ cowthink -e "OO" -T "||" "hello, everybody"
➜  ~ cowsay -l
Cow files in /usr/share/cowsay/cows:
apt bud-frogs bunny calvin cheese cock cower daemon default dragon
dragon-and-cow duck elephant elephant-in-snake eyes flaming-sheep
ghostbusters gnu hellokitty kangaroo kiss koala kosh luke-koala
mech-and-cow milk moofasa moose pony pony-smaller ren sheep skeleton
snowman stegosaurus stimpy suse three-eyes turkey turtle tux unipony
unipony-smaller vader vader-koala www

➜  ~ cowsay -f vader "hello, everybody"

linux cmatrix command

linux cMatrix – simulates the display from “The Matrix”


➜  ~ sudo apt install cmatrix


➜  ~ cmatrix


  • -a Asynchronous scroll
  • -b Bold characters on
  • -B All bold characters (overrides -b)
  • -f Force the linux $TERM type to be on
  • -l Linux mode (sets “matrix.fnt” font in console)
  • -o Use old-style scrolling
  • -n No bold characters (overrides -b and -B)
  • -s “Screensaver” mode, exits on first keystroke
  • -x X window mode, use if your xterm is using mtx.pcf
  • -V Print version information and exit
  • -u delay
    Screen update delay 0 – 9, default 4
  • -C color
    Use this color for matrix (default green). Valid colors are green, red, blue, white, yellow, cyan, magenta and black.


       a      Toggle asynchronous scroll

       b      Random bold characters

       B      All bold characters

       n      Turn off bold characters

       0-9    Adjust update speed

       ! @ # $ % ^ & )
              Change the color of the matrix to the corresponding color: ! - red, @ - green, # - yellow, $ -  blue,  %  -  ma‐
              genta, ^ - cyan, & - white, ) - black.

       q      Quit the program

linux figlet / toilet commands

linux toilet command – prints text using large characters made of smaller characters.

linux figlet command – prints its input using large characters made up of ordinary screen characters


➜  ~ sudo apt install toilet
➜  ~ sudo apt install figlet


➜  ~ toilet "hello"
➜  ~ figlet "hello"

linux yes command

linux yes command – output a string repeatedly until killed


➜  ~ yes hello

linux oneke command

linux oneko command – Creates a cute cat chasing around your mouse cursor.


➜  ~ sudo apt install oneko


➜  ~ oneko


  • -dog
    Runs a dog instead of a cat.
  • -sakura
    Runs Sakura Kinomoto instead of a cat.
  • -tomoyo
    Runs Tomoyo Daidouji instead of a cat.
  • -tora
    Make cat into “tora-neko”, a cat wite tiger-like stripe.
  • -dog
    Runs a dog instead of a cat.
  • -sakura
    Runs Sakura Kinomoto instead of a cat.
  • -tomoyo
    Runs Tomoyo Daidouji instead of a cat.

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